The Virtues of a Blue Circle/JM Reynaud System Revisited

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Bob Neill
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The Virtues of a Blue Circle/JM Reynaud System Revisited

Post by Bob Neill » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:48 am

As some of you know, I am both a Blue Circle/JM Reynaud and an Audio Note dealer. I keep both systems up but tend to listen to each exclusively a few weeks at a time to stay sharp about how each sounds but also about how each differs from the other. I get lots of enquiries about AN vs. BC/JMR differences and both of these systems are so good I tend to adapt to each in turn, forgetting how it differs from the other.

Today is switch from AN to BC/JMR day, so I thought I'd refresh us all about the virtues of the latter, at least in my house, while they are fresh in mind and before I stop hearing them and just hear the music. (One of these days I'll spend some time with Penny in the system to be fair to Our Leader.)

What did I hear right away? Firmness, not HARDness, huge difference. Backbone. Edges are (thus) more clearly defined. The whole presentation feels more sharply focused, with no softness around the edges, like looking through an SLR viewfinder as everything snaps into focus. Body and weight. Everything has a wonderful physical quality. Good to be back.


Audio Note CDT 3 transport, Pallas IC
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Voyd Ref TT, AN-INs arm and IO1 MC cart, BC 703 phono stage
Blue Circle BC 3000 II GZpz, Sootto IC
Blue Circle BC 204 (KQ coming), Sogon 40/40 speaker cable
JMR Orfeo II speakers

JMR has put a new crossover into the Orfeos, providing a sufficiently dramatic improvement to invite a MK II designation: more immediate mids, tighter bass.

Yes, I'll get a BC 501ob back in here one of these days to purify the BC/JMR system. The AN dac is more analogue and tubey sounding, the BC dac clearer overall with a stunningly wide and clear soundscape.

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