Ultraaudio.com's World's Best Audio System 2012 Competition

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Ultraaudio.com's World's Best Audio System 2012 Competition

Post by Ice Man » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:01 pm

Ultraaudio.com is conducting a search for the World's Best Audio Equipment:

http://ultraaudio.com/index.php?option= ... &Itemid=27

As one can see, he is asking for suggestions. Jeff Fritz, the editor-in-chief, knows Blue Circle well as he reviewed the BC 206 and BC 3000 mk2 in a 2004 article titled, " The World's Best Systems. "


Fast forward eleven years and I firmly believe that Gilbert produces the finest audio equipment in the world, hands down, and I've put my very hard earned dollars where my mouth is. Those of you who are regulars on the Forum know where I stand regarding BC and Gilbert's level of customer service. And for those who are new, I encourage you to seek out some BC products, have a listen, and then if you have any questions regarding the product or ideas you have about the product (ie, custom options), choose any of the three methods: 1) contact your local dealer 2) feel free to post the question on the Forum or 3) send Gilbert an email and see what happens. That's all I have to say about that.

What would I like to recommend from Blue Circle? The truth is that unlike any other manufacturer, Blue Circle is constantly creating new products, either for R&D purposes or for custom clients. The edge is constantly being pushed unlike other manufacturer's who have had a single product line for many years. So, regarding Blue Circle's best amp, pre-amp, dac, cables, I would honestly ask Mr. Fritz to contact Gilbert and let him decide what he wants to throw into the competition ring.

With that being said, however, I do have a couple of recommendations for Mr. Fritz: BC power conditioning equipment. My first BC product was a Music Ring 1200 which is still putting a smile on my face for more than ten years now. My power conditioning is the central point of my system which consists in addition to the MR1200, a custom BC6000 and 54X+ filtering. For those who aren't familiar with the "54X" filtering notion, it refers to the number of times of filtering of the BC 86mk3 filter.

I am recommending to Mr. Fritz the BC 6020 power conditioner. Anyone who has heard the BC 6000 knows that it completely transforms your system by making the background completely black and lets the music shine right through your speakers. I apologize for not being able to convey my descriptions as well as others on the Forum, but my power conditioning system is central to my system. Information on the BC 6020 can be found here:



If you want to read about the BC 6000, doing a search on the Forum will lead plenty of information over the years.

The other product that I would recommend to Mr. Fritz are the 6X and 12X filters.

The 6X and 12X product details can be found here:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/17843311@N ... 500447358/


One might ask if I already have a BC 6000, why the MR 1200 and all the extra filtering. Simple answer is that it sounds much better and in my humble opinion, it is simply outstanding value.

For those who want to know how my power conditioning is set up:

BC 6000 has (2) 12X filters plugged into it, one at each end of it. The MR 1200's short AC cord with a 12X is connected to it. I have a 6X filter plugged into the same outlet as the BC 6000. I have another 6X plugged into another outlet on the same line. Various BC 68 and custom ac cords with filtering add up to the 54X+ filtering.

My recommendation is for Mr. Fritz to get Blue Circle's just introduced BC 6020 and at least (2) 12X filtering. Since it's the World's Best System and I know that he'll need more than 6 outlets, maybe, (2) BC 6020's are needed plus at least (2) 12X's to be plugged into an open BC 6020 outlet or into a wall outlet on the same electrical line. I don't know which would be better: (2) BC 6020 (6 outlets) or 1 BC 6020 with more outlets. I'll defer again to Gilbert which is better. I would also defer to Gilbert about adding a Music Ring to the mix. I know that I prefer the sound of it for analog equipment, but I can understand why others prefer everything plugged into a BC 6000. (My brother prefers it this way.)

Current price of BC 6020, US$3150 for 6 outlets.

12X Sillycone Filter in ABS pipe $550.00 CDN

(2) BC 6020's USD$6300

(2) 12X's USD$ 1155

If Mr. Fritz went with 2 BC 6020 and (2) 12X filters, it would be a total cost of USD$7455. Again, I defer to Gilbert which has more filtering strength: 1 BC 6020 with 14 outlets or 2 BC 6020 chain-linked.

A little context. In 2009, the last time this event took place, the cost of the filtering used was USD$21,485 all by Shunyata Research. Total system cost: USD$360,079. I would be surprised if this 2012 system cost less than the 2009 system. Assuming the total system costs USD$400,000, and the proposed power conditioning system is the chosen winner, USD$7455 is about a third of the 2009 power conditioning system. Article can be found here:


Not only do I strongly feel that the above proposal will beat out any other power conditioning system, but it will be highlighted as a major stand out for what it contributes (or does not contribute) to the chosen winning system. Regarding the more expensive power conditioning equipment the BC equipment will go up against, well, I think it'll simply be no contest and quite embarrassing actually for what they will be charging.

I want to end here by encouraging owners to express their interest in BC submitting their best products, but especially their best power conditioning equipment. Mr. Fritz, if you are reading this, I hope you will seriously entertain the proposed equipment for submission. I think you'll be shocked to hear what's been cooking up in Canada since 2004.

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