BC 28 Review on Soundstage!

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Post by Guest_Attilio » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:34 pm

I can't agree with the reviewers opinion on the look of the BC28. I love the look of mine, even with the lights on. It takes center stage in my listening room. The partially see through top does it for me. Did you give the reviewer a pink model perhaps Gilbert?

As for the way it plays music, I thought the reviewer was spot on, particulary his comments praising the "prat" and beautiful tone colour displayed by the BC28. In fact, it's this combination of virtues that sold me on Blue Circle in the first place. My former NAIM system certainly gave me all the prat I desired, but didn't provide the level of vivid colour and texture offered by BC gear.

Too bad they didn't get to hear the synergy derived from operating a BC amp and preamp together. I've tried my BC3000 and BC28 individually with other brands, and always come away thinking there is an incremental gain in performance by pairing a BC preamp with a BC amp. It seems the emotional connection to the music is stonger when the BC family play together.


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