Pre-production Prototype of AG 3000 for Sale

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Bob Neill
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Post by Bob Neill » Mon Dec 15, 2003 8:19 pm

I am selling the AG 3000 Gilbert built for me to make room in my little business for demos of other preamps that more folks can afford. I?m finding it hard to maintain both a reference system and a small business!Performance is stock AG3000, but it has a stainless steel faceplate instead of the purple/walnut one on the stock model, steel casing, and a powder black painted top. External power supply to match. The faceplate says AG-BN. Phase reverse switches in the rear, single SE and XLR inputs and outputs. Dark cherry knobs. This piece has been lovingly cared for. Two and a half years old. Excellent though not spanking new condition. I will pay shipping within US and Canada and will share shipping elsewhere. Price new in stock form: $11,500. $6,000 obo. I am posting this notice here in the hope I can keep it generally in the Blue Circle family.

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