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Post by Gilbert Y » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:30 pm

Freddy wrote:I could definitely use an A to micro B USB 3 cable.
Pleeeze hold your hor sey. We are working on it but since Christmas is coming everybody want Santa to send them something. He has sub contract a lot of toys to us and we are working over time on those orders. We are doing some background work on the USB3 and I am thinking through the night while I am playing on the pooter. It will come for those who are willing to wait. It will. :) :D 8)

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Post by Bluecirclerookie » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:05 am

hey Gilbert,
while i am waiting for my rig (INCL. THIS USB CABLE ) to be ready i came across some ('premium') brands making new kind of USb cables on which the power and line signal are seperated...(they call it twin cables) with two usb plugs at the end for both lines, this according to them, to minimize interference of the powercurrrent if u dont need power if u have a self powered (with external PSU) component connected to that USb cable and so only need signal to go through.

in other words..if u only need the signal and not the power (for example on selfpowered dacs etc) u only plug in that usb plug...

or do u advice to keep them both together in one cable as standard?

or maybe u could make an USB cable with ONLY the signal going through and not the power...

i dont know if i am making sense now...hope u can enlighten me.
thanks for explaining! :D :D
or anyone else ofcourse who is in the know :D
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