Prototype projects for sale

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Prototype projects for sale

Post by Gilbert Y » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:50 am

After these many years, we have lots and lots and lots of prototype on MDF, in ugly metal chassis and in nice chassis, cover and with faceplate. I have finally decided to sell some of these items to make some room for more R&D department.

We have made a section in the product page where you can see what we have for sale and some basic specs. Most if not all of these items can be upgrade to various level electrically and cosmetically. Some of these items are in a partially ready form but to wait for the buyer to decide what level of upgrade he wants to put into it.

For example, power amp may only have to output stage because I have been using it to test various type of input stages. Therefore, the amp has no input stage so you can decide if you want the solid-state or tube input stage based on how it wanted to sound. These items usually have a lot of space inside too so power supply upgrade now and future is a easy job and lot of options to choose from.

No pricing on the page please contact us for pricing and details. I will probably answer if I am in front of a poooter.

Here is the page.

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