BC109 preamp review

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BC109 preamp review

Post by Gilbert Y » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:40 pm

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I just wanted to add a little mini-review too

Post by k-Dub » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:27 pm

After reading this review, I had to add some info, my personal experience, which some fellow BC owners or potential owners might find informative.

I have to confess, I have been wondering off the BC path in terms of preamps :) I sold my BC3.1 mk1 ... So for the last year I have been in short relationships with other preamps - JC2, AI m3B being the most noteworthy... (auditioned a few in house, Pass xp20, Ayre K1xe) Anywho - I realized I have not been happy in any of these setups, and have not been happy with my stereo/music in general since the BC3.1 mk1 left. But was afraid to go back to HST (having small tube) preamp, after hearing the JC2 in house (read the reviews, they are spot on about the JC2, including the part about its lack of refinement for classical stuff, and voices).

Enter the BC109...

I am now listening to MUSIC, happy as hell!! very content - like after a great meal, record after record after record after .... I have spent the better part of this morning with the biggest grin ever! made coffee (Sumatra), and kicked back for some Sunday am (now all day) tunes...

Bill Evans, to Brahms 4th with Solt/Chicago, Davei's music (Kiss, Iron Maiden), Miles Davis KOB... on and on... Thank you G$ for the BC109! It has brought the whole system together - and now it's just music. Yes, all the audiophile shit is there!! it stages/images better than the JC2! better than the BC3.1, (both were the best at that than the others litsted) Hall info, tonality, intonation, PRaT, layering, depth, meat on the bones... A piano sounds real, drum kit has volume (each drum in the kit, and coherent as a whole kit in terms of soundstage) and a kick in the gut when called for... Whether it is front and center in a rock setup, or off to the back, far right when its Art Blakey on Indestructible!, or Jimmy Cobb on KOB. From Oboe and bassoon, to rocking out, distorted guitars... I am sooo happy right now, and just wanted to pass that along. I mean - it reaaaaally sounds good!

Every audio intuition was confirmed. Just music... and enjoyment. Yes, soundstage is killer (layering, depth, detail, intonation, PRaT...) - but the audiophile shit is just put to bed. Now it is just enjoyment! Right now checking out Brahms 2nd with Solti and the Chicago (on vinyl) hard to concentrate to write this lol!

I cannot get over this preamp, and how it brought everything else together! Did I say I was happy?

I was just feeling very grateful for this gift of music... and wanted to pass on the info, to anyone struggling with some older BC tech in their setups, and have been in a round-about trying get what the BC used to do for them, just more. I find it a synergistic match for the 200 series amps!!

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Post by BlueKnight » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:47 am

You certainly can't go wrong with a BC109 in any form!

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