DAW power conditioning

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Post by Anonymous » Sun Mar 07, 2004 10:04 pm

[FONT=Arial] ;) Is anyone using blue circle products for their DAW and signal processing enviornments and Will the BC86 mkIII meet home studio requirements with a decent 480 watt power supply on a p4 system? i am upgrading to a 24 bit MOTU or mackie board and want to get the cleanest and most detail for my money. Tweaks website review was impressive. The magic ring is a bit out of my price range and I am on a rural power consortium line that gets bumped a lot. I have a small ups and a surge protector at his point and want to take the most advantage of the newest a/d convertors and also protect them better.
"Hap Zing Like BC products and Jasmine say everything is lovee dovee"(Joke) Delete if offended obviously

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