BC507NB & Amarra, Pure Music etc

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BC507NB & Amarra, Pure Music etc

Post by ERM » Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:40 pm

Has anyone tried the various music software and what has been your experience?

Although my system is in a temporary set up (narrower room). I cannot find any significant improvements with either PM and Amarra HI-FI on the BC507. Two other DACs I tried were the Bitbox (limited to 16/48) and the original Sim Audio 300D. The biggest improvement was the Sim, followed by the Bitbox. Even with either software, the Sim wasn't even close to the 507, nor the Bitbox for that mater. I have not tried Audirvana as yet.

My speakers, the Oscar Kithara are pretty revealing.
System: mac mini (2012) > fire wire to 2T WD drive > BIS usb > Music Fidelity 192V > DAR or 21.1 w/external power + Moscode 400H. All other cabling and speaker wire is Blue Circle. Upgraded tubes in all units.

The MF 192V made the biggest difference.

I realize the 507 is one hell of a DAC, but I was expecting some difference. Appreciate your thoughts.

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Post by Ha Boi Egg » Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:55 pm

I've tried jriver through windows and heard Amarra at a local audio store.Point blank,I run a BC501OB w/multiple letters attached in Windows Media Player,all through WAV files and couldn't be more happier! I've also heard a BC507 through iTunes and that sounded pretty good :D
Never ceases to amaze me around here,how this is an at home dealer network and they can't at least show up every day to answer any questions.And don't give me the....send me a personal e-mail crap...dealers!! :roll: :twisted: :lol: 8) :arrow:

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Post by stew » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:52 pm

I recently switched to a Mac Mini 2013, and use Pure Music to interface with iTunes. I used to have an Oppo player stream digital output into a TacT 2.2XP which did all my (hardware based) room correction. But now, inside Pure Music I use a (software) EQ plugin called FabFilter ProQ. DAC is a BC507. The all software front end implementation is better than my previous all hardware front end: specifically, bass is noticeably tighter and more well controlled, and the soundstage has more depth (same width).

Given the improvement in sound and the fantastic iTunes interface, I am a convert! If you haven't yet switched to a music server system of some sort, I highly recommend it!!

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