Wonder what this is ...

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Wonder what this is ...

Post by bjh » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:35 pm


Found while looking for images of BC8 ...


Ok, so looks like an unrealized idea, which means it's up for grabs, now ...

Suppose I was wrong about that thing'a ma jimmy, now ...

Preamp, multiple line stages, 6922, octal, solid state, 300B (yeah it a great! preamp tube), opAmp, opAmps!, now ...

That little device simply allows you to mix ... or use just one, whatever you like.

Of course if multiple gain stages are used there must be automatic attenuation ...you don't want 20-30Volts LOL

There should still be master left/right volume controls,or if you're like me just plug it into your BC3000II, which is transparent as they come

... but Blue of course

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