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BC Multi-channel

Post by ERM » Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:00 pm

As a recent retiree, I have had to rethink and downsize my system.

After talking to Gilbert, he updated my BC32 by adding I believe 5 times the normal power supply and similar magic to my Copland CVA-306, 6 channel 12AX7 based pre-amp. His magic has totally changed both of these from moderate performers to outstanding. No, it's not going to compete with the rest of the higher BC line, but it's such a huge improvement, I just had to share.

For those of you that might have a BC32 or other older equipment, I strongly suggest contacting Gilbert.

As he stated, expect more of everything! More open and better defined sound-stage, grunt of guitars, shimmer that just goes on and on, deeper and tighter bass. The harmonics of everything just comes through more realistic. I have not heard Gilbert's high goodies first hand, but this is better than anything I have ever owned. I have chased equipment over the last 20 years and have owned Sonic Frontiers, Moon W3 & W5, Mirage, Totem Mani etc. Now that I have found the guru of real sound, time to relax and enjoy.

Thanks Gilbert, you are a magician. Ed :D

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