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Post by Double D » Fri May 14, 2004 8:06 pm

After spending the last week breaking in the BC-206 that will be making it's premier at the HE show in New York, I have to admit, it's one hell of an amplifier.
My own custom versions of the BC8 (actually prototype platforms for Gilberts' fertile imagination :D ) are no slouch in their own rite, but, the new 206 basically stands head and shoulders above them.
The 206 develops a rather frightening sense of the actual venue, both in depth and lateral perspective.. It has the ability to "lock" an image and focus it better than any other single box stereo amp I've heard.
Ok.. so, it's a hologram generator .. big deal right ? nope.. it's strengths don't end there.. this puppy has serious bottom end klout ! A couple of times I began to wonder if someone had added a Martin Logan Descent to my Ascents !! .. ok.. bass, and imaging... cool.. but how about the real meat of the music ... the midrange ... it's positively GLORIOUS ! and anyone that owns panels will love this baby.. it's got texture.. timbre, detailing and just about every other superlative you can throw at it. The top end is ever so sweetly blessed with all the finesse you could ask for. Some might think it a touch closed in on top, but after listening for extended periods.... you realize that it's not... it's just devoid of the "hash" that plagues many other amps.
Dynamics .. hoooo yahhh baby ! It's got a fire inside despite its' refined and soulful demeanour.
Colour me damned impressed.... so much so, I've got one on order ! This is the first audio product since my initial exposure to BC gear 4 years ago to **really** get me excited about getting wrapped up DEEP in the music all over again.
So, .. anyone wanting to buy a custom pair of BC8 mono's (built into BC26 chasis's) that are substantially beyond current production can feel free to get in touch with me for details... they are posted on AudioGon too.
I wouldn't be selling my special amps for anything other than either a BC206 or the AG8000's, the BC206 just happens to be within reach $$ for me, and is less consumptive of space in my condo than the AG8k is B)

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