Power Cord Experiences with the BC27.

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Post by Sugarbrie » Sat Aug 27, 2005 3:25 pm

I have Gilbert's sample BC27 phono preamp from CES January 2004, so I've been living with this model preamp longer than most people. This is the basic $595 model without the large separate PI power supply.

When I first got it home I used a standard black power cord. I had to use one with the ground cut off because the system had a small hum.

I later compared the black cord with a BC61 cord using a cheapter plug. I found that they sounded similar; using the BC61 was cleaner/quieter, so I modifed a BC61 removing the ground connection as a permanent solution. This is better than using a cheater plug which won't give you as solid a connection and may affect the sound as well.

I recently sold an aquaintance a new BC62 cord with no ground that was made by Blue Circle at the factory. Last weekend I borrowed it to see what it would do to the BC27.

Well the results with the BC62 are all positive. There was a noticeable improvement in the lower frequencies. With piano music or music with piano the left hand is much more balanced with the right. Same result with cello/bass playing classical chamber music.

While I had to return the groundless BC62, I have an extra one I did some surgery to this weekend.

Conclusion: Convincing someone to buy a $220 power cord for a $595 phono preamp is probably a hard sell, let alone a $110 BC61. I feel however that either upgrade is well worth it if you cannot swing $1395 for the "pi" version (which could use the better power cord as well). Look at it as different models, ie, a $705 or $815 phono preamp, over the $595 base model.

It is what Gibert has done with the BC606 options. It is just as valid here.

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