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Post by Kevin Allen » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:13 pm

Okay, I?ve been away from the BC forum for far too long. :huh: I?ve got a good excuse to come back and re-join my fellow Circlites. I?m the latest stop for a lovely pair of purple-lilac coloured BC825 speakers. Gilbert dropped them off about a couple weeks ago so I?ve had lots of time to play with these.

Since there have already been a couple postings on the BC825 by Esoxhntr and Walt, rather than give you the gory details, I?ll just go over the fun stuff. First off, a few things observed by several people who?ve had the fortune of hearing this speaker are bang on.

When I first hooked the 825s up, I couldn?t believe that there wasn?t a specific sweet spot! :blink: I?m used to electrostats so this was just plain weird. You can actually listen to the 825s off-axis, and I mean widely off-axis, and get a tremendous soundstage with no low-, mid-, or high-end irregularities!! My wife and I enjoyed this immensely? so much so that she complained that she could no longer move her head without losing the something when my own speakers were put back in the mix.

Driver integration. Esoxhntr hit the nail on the head? these driver?s work well together. There?s no apparent beaming or focus anomalies with these speakers. This was somewhat deceiving as I expected some problems with the driver arrangement, but none were found despite my best efforts. And that brings up another strength. With the front-firing port, these were the most room-friendly speaker I?ve heard. I could put them right on the back-wall, bring them out from the back-wall, put them close to sidewalls, etc?. no problem? imaging and tonality were always constant.

As far as the over all feel, they?re very neutral, and very, very fast. MykeRyte commented on this and he?s absolutely ?Ryte?. These are extremely fast speakers. They pick up all the detail one could ever pine for. Fast, fast, fast. Extension in the upper-end seems to go on forever? lots of air and ambience!!!

That?s a quick summary. I think much of what was said in the other postings is bang on.

Hats off to Gilbert for a heroic effort on his first speaker!! I?m just wondering when he?s going to apply his genius to a new type of toaster? audio?s too easy for him!!!

p.s. I recently purchased a BC501ob... just breaking it in now... :ph34r:
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