Anyone w/ a BC32?

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Post by yonojo » Mon Mar 20, 2006 3:55 pm

Hi all,
I'm looking to move to a multichannel amp for home theater and 2 channel. How is the BC32? I used to have a BC28 and loved it, but I had to sell because I had no room for both 2 channel and multichannel. I realize that one is a hybrid and the other is solid state but I want to know if the BC32 has the signature Blue Circle sound. Any input would be greatly aprecciated!! :)

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Post by ERM » Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:19 pm

I had a BC32 for a combined HT/audio system and quite enjoyed it. I preferred it to Sim Audio W3 & W5 (originals), which it replaced. Although not as much slam as the W5, it provided a much more musical, detailed and relaxing experience. I sold the BC32 and replaced it with a BC24 and am now looking for a BC28. How ironic? I only use a 4.1 system. The BC 32 is similar to the BC22 sonically and so has a touch of the BC sound, but not quite as juicy as the hybrids. It still is one of the best multi channel amps out there. If your BC 28 comes back, get a hold of me. Hope this helps. :rolleyes:

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