If you are ever in Ottawa!

Wanna bitch about politics, the weather.......share a favourite recipe, this is the place.
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If you are ever in Ottawa!

Post by BlueKnight » Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:17 am


When I was still on the job, I used to go to Ottawa on a regular basis and always picked a hotel across from the market.

The Highlander Pub was almost like a second home. As you can see from the Single Malt menu, there is quite a variety and the rarest of the rare. Tasting portions ( ½ oz ) from $3.60 to $81.25 and sipping portions ( 1 oz ) from $5.95 to $129.95.

You are issued with a card that is kept with the pub so that when you return you know what you tasted last and whether or not you liked it. And then you just carry-on experimenting. And experiment, I did. My per diem helped soften the blow...

Put this place on your bucket list.

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