Lisa Franco.

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Lisa Franco.

Post by BlueKnight » Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:39 pm

Lisa Lynne, formerly Franco, is a Celtic harpist and composer and New Age recording artist residing in Los Angeles, California.

Lisa Lynne is a self-proclaimed multi-instrumentalist who has "spent the last eighteen years pursuing her passion for the Celtic harp."
She released her first solo albums as Lisa Franco on the German label Innovative Communication. She also became part of the group Celestial Winds, with David Young, and released a number of albums in the early 90's.

Her 2003 release, Hopes & Dreames (New Earth Records) reached #6 on Billboard Magazine's Top New Age Albums chart.

In 2002, Lynne became the first musician-in-residence at City of Hope National Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Her program "Hands on Harps," integrates music in the treatment programs at City of Hope.
To date, Lynne has released 16 albums of Celtic harp music on New Earth Records, Windham Hill and her own label, Lavender Sky Music. ... re=related


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