Apple TV v.2

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Apple TV v.2

Post by Raven » Mon May 02, 2011 6:32 pm

UHF magazine published an article in the #87 issue that was very exiting for me as I wanted the convenience of computer based music but did not want the actual computer near my stereo. The new product, Apple Express was the inexpensive solution to sending the digital signal across a wifi network. In issue # 88 they updated their findings stating a better sound could be achieved by using the 5GHz band.

Then came issue # 89 and the addition of the Moon300D DAC. In this article they claimed the combination of the 300D and Airport Express was better than their ridiculously expensive Linn player.

I've heard the Moon 300D and my BC507NB is better by far but I was not getting this so called superior sound from my Airport Express as compared to my transport.

By chance I was reading an post on Apple TV v.2 and it stated that the Apple TV was significantly better in sound than the Airport Express.

Well, since I have an Apple TV I set it up in my system and the sound is fantastic. It is perhaps better but at the very least different than what I am getting from my Micromega Duo Pro2. Not much different mind you but the Apple TV sure does the job well.

Now what I want to know is this: Does a home computer running iTunes do the same declocking (is this the correct term?) as the PS audio player?

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