New Peed Al Sea Sea

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New Peed Al Sea Sea

Post by masluck » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:14 pm


A New Peed Al Sea Sea has now been born out of the creative minds of Innerkip. The Power Line Conditioner Cable or BC68MKII (as Gil But named it) makes use of the Peed Al Sea crap pipe and Yalo Balula technologies together inserted inline into the already remarkable BC62 PC. Take a look at these puppies!! :D ... 443691040/

The genesis of this cable came from an email exchange with our fearless leader concerning a custom Peed Al Sea Thingee that he made for me a few months back. This particular custom job was to make a Peed Al Sea Thingee with a BC62/Nuetrik pig tail to connect to my BC6000. A friend, who is a BAT fanatic saw it when he was over to the house and was quite intrigued by a "crap pipe with gobs of silicone" and we started to talk about his current cables on his big BAT VK-600SE. I said Gil But can make you a custom Peed Al Sea type cable, but he was reluctant because he plugs that amp directly into the wall and wanted surge protection. Well to make a long story short, another email went back to Innerkip with the question - "Can ya make a Peed Al Sea Sea with a Yalo Balula as well?" - the rest is history.


I will post when he gets them to tell you all how he likes em.


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