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The PLC Puck
Well, Gilbert has done it again. For those of you who know him and his body of
work over the last several decades, this product will come as no surprise. For
those who think like most conventional business folks, this product doesn’t make
any sense at all. Most companies are always trying to find ways to get you to buy
more stuff; preferably more stuff from the expensive end of their product line. Here
at Blue Circle we make exceptional powerline conditioners that sell for thousands
of dollars. We also make a very good line of PLCs that sell for only a few hundred
dollars. Now this is pretty cheap compared to what other companies are doing,
and downright outrageous if you actually take the time to listen to them, or better
yet, directly compare them to what the competition has to offer. You would think
that Gilbert would have figured that he had already done enough to offer high-
quality line conditioning to the unwashed masses. But Gilbert is not like… well he
isn’t really like anyone else that we know.
The Blue Circle PLC Puck sells for only $100.00! No, this is not a typo. No, this
product is not a toy. Yes, it is small, and yes it is housed in hunk of ABS pipe,
but we would challenge anyone to find any other PLC (excluding our own of
course) that sells for several times its price and comes even close to the
performance of the Puck. Yes, it is that good.

The filter networks in the Puck are scaled-down versions of the Blue Circle PLC
Thingee and the X0e low-frequency module. The Puck is designed to plug directly
into the wall outlet; there is no power cord. Think of it as the “First Line of
Defense” against powerline noise. It cleans up the power right at the wall. You
can plug up to two audio components directly into the Puck’s industrial-grade
outlets, or better yet, you can plug another PLC into it. That way the power
eeding into your main PLC has already been cleaned which means that its
performance will significantly improve.
In this small and ridiculously inexpensive package you get a decent broadband
RF filter and a very serviceable low-frequency filter, all for (we have to say this
again) one hundred freaking dollars! If you are on a tight budget then you
should seriously consider this PLC. If you want an inexpensive way to improve
the performance of your existing PLC, the Puck will do that for you in spades.
And if you are a skeptic and want to see what a decent PLC can do for your
listening experience, without making much of an investment at all, then this is
the chance you have been waiting for. We are very certain that you will not be
The Double Puck
Double the number of outlets of the original Puck. This means gaining two more outlets by using the Double Puck on a single duplex
Double the internal wiring.  Means doubling the current carry capacity.
Double the plugs of the original Puck. Means double the gripping power from the wall outlet
More than double the filtering power. 225% more than the original Puck.

Dimensions: 3" long x 4.5" Dia.
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215