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BC6000 and BC6000 X1e Music and Audio Professional Power Line Conditioners
The BC6000 Professional PLC
Most people who know anything about Blue Circle know that many if not most of our designs can trace their genes is back to Gilbert’s
ongoing search for, and creation of, new toys for himself. Some time ago Gilbert got very interested in live recording. If you have ever
performed or recorded in a live situation you know that one of the biggest variables is the quality of the AC power at a live venue. In fact,
just last year we had to lend some PLCs to the band playing at Axpona in Chicago. They were having major AC noise problems during
their performances. Fortunately, we were able to solve the band’s noise problems with a few of our PLCs. When you are recording or
performing live, you have just the one shot to get it right. The last thing you should have to worry about are hums, buzzes, pops, clicks
and other noise from the AC supply.

The BC6000 is designed to be a high-performance, highly efficient power line filter/conditioner. It has been built specifically for the
audio or music professional to minimize the problems caused by the unpredictability of AC power quality in various recording and/or
performance environments. No matter how poor the AC power is, the BC6000 will provide you with a good clean power source. Of
course, the recording and performance is still up to you.

Here are some design details about the BC6000:

It has a total of 157 individual filters, strategically designed to cover a wide frequency range. This is truly a broadband filter network.
There are double wire runs to all three hospital-grade duplex outlets. Each outlet can handle both 15 A and 20 A plugs. There is also
triple parallel wiring used in each filter to prevent even a hint of current limiting or heat production.
The BC6000 comes standard with a 20A Neutrik Powercon twist connector and BC62 premium power cord. Along with ensuring the
best possible AC power feed at all times, the chance of accidental "unplugging" that can occur when equipment with IEC sockets  is
moved around is virtually eliminated; a real concern for professional applications.
Because it was designed for “on-location use”, the BC6000 is light enough to be easily tucked under an arm and carried away. Since
it produces no heat, it can be installed in practically any location as ventilation is not a concern. In Gilbert’s case, it is going to live at
the bottom of a 12-space rack underneath all of his other recording gear. The BC6000 can literally be placed in any location or
orientation: behind a shelf, upside down, on its side, or even covered by curtains.
The BC6000 is designed to withstand a high degree of physical and electrical abuse. An enormous amount of redundancy and backup
(can you say overkill?) has been built into the BC6000 so that it will provide clean AC power anytime, anywhere. So hand it a rotten
AC feed, stuff it behind your equipment; let it do its thing and you’ll see what we mean.

For the technically inclined (and the just plain curious), here is some more information about the BC6000:

The filter network is mounted using extra thick conductors to ensure optimum power transfer with no production of heat.
The 157 individual filters are carefully chosen (yes, there is actually some math involved) and physically installed In specific
combinations to form a string of filters covering a frequency range from below 5 kHz to over 50 GHz. As we said earlier… this is truly
broadband filtering!
The entire filter network is submerged in a silicone bath to eliminate mechanical vibration.
Only high-purity soft copper is used to connect the filter networks, thus minimizing mechanical vibration transfer and further enhancing
the effectiveness of the filters.
The BC6000 uses only hospital grade duplex outlets to ensure maximum gripping pressure to component’s power cord prongs. And in
case you are concerned about which outlet is best suited for which component, or isolation between digital and analog outlets… don’t
be! In reality, many pro audio components mix digital and analog technologies. The only way to deal effectively with these devices is
to create a "black hole" for noise. This is what the BC6000 was designed to do, and it is very good at its job.
And the BC6000 doesn’t just clean up the incoming AC power. It also cleans up the digital noise generated by the components
plugged into it, isolating each component from every other component. This makes the BC6000 particularly applicable for audio/video
use, since there is no longer any worry about which component should be plugged into which outlet. Simply plug in whatever
component you like into whichever outlet you want.
The BC6000 is not just for the audio professional though. It is a highly effective component in a home audio system as well.
Feeding your components clean power will produce a significant improvement in the performance of any audio system.
Here are some extracts from a few reviews of the BC6000:

"With all of my components ...... plugged into the BC6000, I noted improved pace, attack, soundstage  dimensionality and focus. I also
thought the bottom end was clearer and more defined, with greater punch.”
Paul Candy, Six Moons
"......keeping in mind its build quality, flexibility, cost and sonic performance, I have   to say that in my opinion, over all, the BC6000 is
one of the best AC line conditioners that I have heard to date."    
Michael Wright, Stereo Times
"......Musically, the BC6000 will allow every detail in the music to present itself as fully as your equipment can reproduce it. "I could
not only hear the notes themselves, but I could get a better sense of how those notes were
formed by the instrument or voice making them."    
John Crossett, SoundStage!
The BC6000 X1e Professional PLC
Blue Circle Audio has been researching power line noise and building power line filters for more than two decades. Over that time,
Gilbert has noticed a significant change in the types of noise products found on the grid. For many years, the major source of noise
was radio frequency (RF) noise that was introduced into the AC line from external sources through RFI and EMI. Over the last few  
years Gilbert has seen that more and more noise is appearing on residential, commercial and industrial supply lines from internal
sources. These sources include the widespread use of switching circuits, like switch-mode power supplies and the rectifiers in CFL
and LED lighting. This type of noise is predominately at lower frequencies than most RF noise. The X1e low-frequency filter module
was developed to address this serious and growing problem in power line noise.  

The original BC6000 is a true broadband filter covering a frequency range from about 5 kHz well into the gigahertz. Its focus, however,
was in the RF spectrum above 50 kHz as that used to be where the majority of noise was found. The X1e low-frequency filter module
is designed to specifically attenuate noise below 50 kHz. It was first introduced in our reference PLC, the BC60X1 and then later in
the BC30X1. A scaled-down more affordable version, the X0e module, was made available in our Thingee line of PLCs. We are pleased
to announce that the BC6000 is now available with an X1e low-frequency module installed. The type of noise on the grid keeps
changing and we have to keep changing our technology. Adding the X1e module to the BC6000 produces a significant improvement
in performance for both audio professionals and home audio enthusiasts alike.
Optional black plexiglass faceplate
Optional stainless steel faceplate and cover
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215