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The PLC Outpost 2
As the name implies this is the second generation of this amazing little plug-in PLC. The original Outpost came out not that long ago,
but Gilbert in his ongoing attempts to drive us marketing folks crazy, has already come up with a new and improved replacement.
Before we talk about the new Outpost 2 we should revisit the thought processes that led to the development of this product. The
following two paragraphs are from the write-up for the original Outpost.

The name Outpost has its origins in military strategy jargon. Gilbert seems to think that he is at war with powerline noise. He told us
that he first got the idea from a customer inquiry. The customer had just bought a Blue Circle PLC Puck and wanted to know if
plugging a power bar into the Puck would decrease its effectiveness. We explained to the customer that it would not affect the
performance of the Puck, but the power bar would act as an antenna for noise, and since it was “downstream” from the filter,
whatever noise the power bar picked up would not be as effectively filtered out. This got Gilbert to thinking. Another part of the thought
process may have been the number of reports we have had from customers who have added Pucks to existing PLCs like the FX-2.
They have reported significant improvements in noise suppression by having the Puck act as a “pre-filter” to their FX-2, or PLC Thingee.

This got Gilbert to thinking about adding noise suppression “outposts” in different areas of the powerline chain. You can plug an
Outpost into a power bar to help suppress any noise it picks up. You can plug one into any outlet around your house to help filter out
noise that is being picked up by the dozens of yards of 14/2 Romex running inside your walls. Keep in mind that all that wiring is not
only distributing power throughout your home; it is also picking up and distributing noise. If you can set up noise filtering “outposts” I
n several locations, this will help lower the noise floor throughout the entire home. This in turn will increase the effectiveness of any
other noise suppression device you may be using. The bottom line is improved powerline filtering.

The Outpost 2 looks more like a small Sillycone filter as you can see from the picture below.
As you can see, the filter network is housed in a small ABS chassis that is approximately
1.25” in diameter and 2” long. The ends are sealed with silicone. There is a short power cord
hardwired into the chassis. But these are mostly cosmetic differences. The far more
important change is what has happened to the amount of filtering and the complexity of the
filter network. The new Output 2 has two and one-half times more filtering than the
original Outpost. This is a huge increase.
Back when we first wrote about the original Outpost we noted that in order for this whole
Idea of setting up noise suppression outposts throughout the home to be practical, the
cost would have to be pretty darn low. The cost of the original Outpost was indeed
ridiculously low. Amazingly, despite a 250% increase in filtering, the new Outpost 2 has
only increased by a small margin.
In the write-up for the original Outpost we wrote the following:
The Outpost is really just a continuation of Gilbert’s ongoing attempt to do to two things: eliminate as much noise from the power
supply stream as possible, and offer solutions that are cost effective for the average consumer. It is our humble opinion that he has
succeeded on both fronts (military pun intended).”
The Outpost 2 has just upped the ante. This thing is a steal! We invite you to check one out for yourself.
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
Update April 2016

Our original OP2 compact filter was a hit in the marketplace, but as usual our customers
asked us how much MORE filtering we could fit inside the OP2 pipe. We responded to their
queries with the OP2 Double and OP2 Triple.  The double and triple offer double and triple
the filtering power of the original OP2.
Like the original OP2, both the Double and Triple come with a short 3" power cord.  This is
ideal for where a flat screen TV is hung on the wall or any other "tight space" application.
From a performance standpoint, the shorter the power cord the better the performance.
However, if you  require a longer power cord, there is no additional charge for a power cord
up to 24" long