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BC3 MKII Preamplifier.                        


In the ten years or so since its introduction the BC3 design has remained essentially unchanged. Our attitude is that if a product is designed properly it shouldn't require regular upgrades and tweaks.  This attitude is supported by the fact that the BC3 is still extremely popular and well regarded by the audiophile community.  Still.....it has been ten years.

Enter the MKII.........

The MKII is not a radical design change but rather a number of small (and some not so small) design improvements that result in a substantial increase in musical performance.

This is the original intro to the BC3.  Since our attitude hasn't changed the intro is still as valid now as it was ten years ago....

The BC3 preamplifiers epitomize what Blue Circle Audio is all about. They typify how we believe components should be designed and crafted. They are not the most expensive components we make, nor are they the least expensive. They are the "meat-and-potatoes" components for that special someone who is deadly serious about music reproduction and doesn't have a totally unlimited budget. No bells and whistles, no remote controls (OK...we've become a bit more flexible on this one), no exotic cosmetic treatments and no submission to some fad or design dogma. Every penny you spend on these components is dedicated to music and simple elegance.

Preamps build around vacuum tubes simply sound better. There are good sounding solid-state preamps, and there are bad sounding tube preamps. But given the choice, when cost is not an overriding issue, tubes are the way to go. Here are some of the things that make the BC3 (MKII) worthy of your attention:



We can't go into all the details about the BC3 MKII, but perhaps a description of the volume controls will illustrate the attention to detail that goes into its crafting. Each channel has its own volume control, totally hand-assembled from matched pairs of precision metal-film resistors, forming a true mono-ladder attentuator. Each of the 31 unique position contacts is constructed from military-grade coin silver and is self-cleaning. Each control takes approximately four hours to assemble. This is not a production preamp.

The BCG3 MKII Power Supply

http://www.bluecircle.com/images/gallery/_68d30a9594728bc39aa24be94b319d21.jpg     BCG3 MKII

When matched with the BCG3 MKII the integrated preamp is called the BC3 DESPINA MKII. The BCG3 MKII comes in a simple black metal case with an integrated dc cord that mates with the BC3 MKII. It features:



The BCG3.1 MKII Power Supply

http://www.bluecircle.com/images/gallery/_aa08caa980fea246ebcff950b4eae2e7.jpg    BCG3.1 MKII Power Supply

When matched with the BCG3.1 MKII the integrated preamp is called the BC3 GALATEA MKII. The BCG3.1 MKII comes in a beautiful stainless steel case that matches the BC3. It has a detachable dc cord custom manufactured by Blue Circle. The BCG3.1 MKII features:


Technical Information:


*5 Line level inputs, 1 loop input  (3 line level inputs for balanced version)

*Optional USB input available

*2 Pre-amp outputs, 1 loop output

*Tube complement: 2-6922

*Power requirement: 120Vac 50/60Hz 38Watts - available in 100, 220, 240 Vac


-Main chassis: 17.5" (width) x 3.25" (height) x 14.6" (depth)

-BCG3:   5.25" (width) x 3.25" (height) x 8.25" (depth)

-BCG3.1:   6" (width) x 5.375" (height) x 14.6" (depth)

Weight (without packaging):

-BC3:         35 lbs.

-BCG3:         5lbs.

-BCG3.1:    16lbs.


For detailed photos of the BC3 Despina and Galatea visit the gallery.

The BC3 Despina MKII and The BC3 Galatea MKII Dual mono linestage tube preamplifiers.

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215