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*stainless steel knobs are optional and at additional cost.         

The BC3000 MKII takes the BC3 Galatea MKII design to the next level of musicality and represents the state of the art in single ended Blue Circle preamplifiers. 

When it comes to making improvements in quality components, there is a law of diminishing returns. What we mean is that moving from one quality level to a higher level becomes more and more difficult as the quality increases. Like the venerable BC3000, producing the BC3000 MKII requires considerable effort.  After all, the fundamentals of circuit design have not been completely changed by us or anyone else. In order to produce an electronic component that stands at the pinnacle of sound reproduction, it is the little things, the attention to the most minute detail, that allows one to move from an already high level of excellence to the next. The devil really is in the details. The result is a component that is significantly superior to any other single ended preamplifier we have built to date.

Every individual component, every connection, every subsystem and every completed preamplifier is tested, evaluated and tested again. Each unit is lovingly hand-assembled and listened to by a small group of highly trained specialists

wp9e9956ff.jpg The Power Supply is the same BCG3.1 MKII high current dual-transformer design used for the BC3 Galatea MKII. Filtering is both massive and very very fast. The rectification circuitry employs HEXFRED diodes.

Airborne Wiring is employed throughout. This is a technique where all signal path and power supply wiring is kept suspended. This results in lower signal loss, better transient response and improved linearity.

Through a rethinking of tube bias and current source circuitry, we have managed to squeeze more linearity out of the tube response. Single-ended Class A dual triode design with very high gain remains our basic design philosophy.


*The BC3000 MKII employs true film and foil capacitors at the output (from a transparency point of view Blue Circle film & foil caps are about as close to a piece of wire as you can get)wheras the BC3 MKII uses metalized polypropylene capacitors. 


*The onboard power supply of the BC3000 MKII is 54% greater than the BC3 MKII.

Measurements  BC3000 MKII:


Technical Information:


*5 Line level inputs, 1 loop input  (3 line level inputs for balanced version)

*Optional USB input available

*2 Pre-amp outputs, 1 loop output

*Tube complement: 2-6922

*Power requirement: 120Vac 50/60Hz 38Watts - available in 100, 220, 240 Vac


-Main chassis: 17.5" (width) x 3.25" (height) x 14.6" (depth)

-BCG3.1:   6" (width) x 5.375" (height) x 14.6" (depth)

Weight (without packaging):

-BC3000:   37 lbs.

-BCG3.1:    16lbs.

wp7b150f6d.jpg GZpz Power Supply

**for additional photos of the BC3000 MKII please visit the gallery.

The BC3000 MKII Dual Mono Linestage Tube Preamplifier

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215