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Sparkling highs that make music come to life, a sweet inviting midrange, full-bodied palpable presence, and a rounded controlled bottom end are the hallmarks of the DAR’s sound. The DAR’s controlled bass extension will produce satisfying, musical, bass performance even when driving small stand mounted monitor speakers but will tame the over loading often associated with larger woofer designs. All of these features combine to present the listener with a true musical experience.


*Comes standard with wooden knobs. Stainless steel knobs additional cost option.


The DAR, a hybrid integrated amplifier with a 6SN7 tube at the input stage, produces 100 watts into 8 ohms and 150 watts into 4 ohms. The innovative design of the DAR presents a number of technical firsts for Blue Circle Audio. It uses a "pancake" style toroidal transformer that has high current, high power, and high-speed capacity without the noise that is typically associated with transformer design. Its dual power supply allows the tube and output stages to function independently for better imaging and soundstage creation.

The DAR’s discrete circuitry creates smooth sparkling highs and a powerful-controlled bottom end. The circuitry utilizes two ultra high power bi-polar transistors for each channel to ensure that phase coherence is at its best . Our over sized heat sink makes sure the output devices run at their best operating temperature. Everything has been done to optimize the DAR’s performance.


*Shallco volume control and active gain stage additional cost options.

Most interestingly, the 6SN7 tube, seen in the following picture, is configured as a unity gain at the input stage. This innovative design feature optimizes the 6SN7 to take full advantage of its sonic signature. The DAR s circuitry is so transparent, it shows off the best of the 6SN7 and allows the seasoned audiophile to roll tubes and fine-tune this exceptional design to their personal preference.

The DAR runs so cool that you can put it in a tight space. It needs a scant 5 inches to breathe *. Its multiple protection circuits including DC offset, thermal overload, and short circuit at the output make it safe and easy to use while driving the most difficult loads to satisfying volumes. The DAR also includes a turn on muting delay to avoid turn on transient noise.

This is only a partial listing of the many advantages that are at the heart of the DAR s innovative design. To hear the sound of music bring your music to the Blue Circle dealer nearest to you.

All parts used in the DAR are RoHS (lead free acceptance) compliant. The DAR uses less energy than a 5 watt tube amp when it is at idle. When the power switch is off the unit is completely disconnected from the power source and draws no power at all. The high efficiency output stages waste very little energy and therefore generate very little heat.



No matter which angle I used to dissect the DAR, its presentation managed to escape tipping the scale to one extreme of the other. It always struck a happy balance between distinguished character and "tell it like it is" transparency.   Sean Fowler - Affordable$$Audio     read the full review here

Features and Options:

Standard features..... 

-100watt into 8 ohms, 150watt into 4 ohms.

-3 line level inputs

-1 tape loop

-1 preamp output

-Ground lift swtich

-Earth Ground post

Optional Features.....

-Shallco 31 x 2 position attenuator

-Active gain stage

-Processor bypass loop

-RF Remote volume control

Technical Specs.

-Residue noise reference to full power output, volume control at zero: >- 110 dB or <75 uV non weighted

-Residue noise reference to full power output, volume control at zero: >- 115 dB or < 35 uV within audio band

-Tracking error: < +/- 0.2 dB-Frequency response (10W into 8 ohms): 10Hz to 35K +0.00db, +/0.0dB, -0.2dB; - 3.0db at >100kHz

-Distortion at 10W into 8 ohms: < 0.3 %

-Voltage gain: 23.5dB

-Input sensitivity (reference to 10W): 0.6V

-input impedance: 100K

* at 25 degrees C room temperature


17.5" wide x 3.5" high x 15.5" deep (add 1.25" for the binding posts on the rear, add 1.25" for the control knobs on the front)

The DAR Integrated Amplifier
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215