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It’s a phonostage in a couple, or three, drain pipes. Actually it’s four phonostages. Confused? We'll explain. But first why would we do this? Because entirely too many people have said our phonostages are too expensive and out of their price range. It bothers us that people are doing without quality vinyl reproduction because it's out of their price range. Since we have done a few things in drain pipe that have proven very successful then why not do a phonostage in a drain pipe? -performance without the extra cost of expensive cosmetics.

How did we design it? Simple, take the input stage of the BC703, combine it with the output stage and RIAA equalization circuit of the BC707 wrap it in a brass sheild inside a 2" ABS pipe. Sounds simple but it actually took a little more work than that but this is an easy to understand version of the story.

Now to unfuzzify the confusion. Fon Lo Thingee comes in four different combinations. They are upgradeable from the basic to the top. Here are the combinations starting from the basic model...

First, the Fon LO Thingee all by itself. It's just a paper weight without one of the four power supplies combinations. 


                       input end                                           output end

Input end - The two extra jacks are for loading plugs. Little baby blue dip switch is for gain settings. The wing nut wingee dingee is the ground post for the turntable ground.

Output end - The XLR jack is the DC power input.


Fon LO Thingee with basic power supply.


Fon Lo Thingee with Biggie Pipe power supply.


Fon Lo Thingee with basic power supply and SP Capacitor Pack


Fon Lo Thingee with Biggie Pipe power supply and SP Capacitor Pack.


July 28, 2010 - SP Capacitor Pack now 3" dia x 6.25" long. Smaller diameter. Same performance.

The Biggie Pipe power supply has 88,000uF capacitance inside that pipe. The SP Capacitor Pack has more than three times the Biggie Pipe's power supply capacitance. This is one big step to ensure the Fon Lo Thingee has almost the best possible power supply. Yes almost, we can always make a bigger power supply. It all depends how much it costs.

Did we mention we use locking XLR jacks and plugs to connect DC power to make sure there is no misconnection? Unlike most other equipment this price range which uses little slide in DC plugs.

You can ask us how it sounds. You can check out the BC forum for some comments. The Fon Lo Thingee is light enough you can ask your dealer to send you a unit for home demo. Then you don’t have to ask or guess how it sounds.

- user adjustable gain settings between 60dB and 38dB

- loading jacks to match various cartridges with impedances and/or capacitances

- 5ft umbilical cord for standard power supply and Biggie Pipe power supply

- 2ft umbilical cord for SP Capacitor Pack

- locking XLR plug and jack for all DC umbilical cords.

- Various resistance and/or capacitance loading plugs

- User adjustable precision trimming loading plugs

These apply to all combinations of Fon Lo Thingee

- Residue noise reference to full rated output at 60 db gain with 100 ohm loading (non-weighted ): <450uV

- Residue noise reference to full rated output at 60 db gain with 100 ohm loading (audio band): <200uV

- Tracking error: <+/- 0.1dB

- Distortion at 5V output: <0.01%

- Voltage gain: 60db, 38db (user adjustable)

- Maximum output: 8.5V

- Input impedance: 1ohm to 47K ohm (user adjustable by loading plug)

- Input capacitance: user adjustable by loading plug

- Power comsumption: 1.2 watt


- Dimensions:

- Fon Lo Thingee: 2.5" dia x 5"

- Standard power supply: 2.5"dia x 3.5" long

- Biggie Pipe power supply: 3.5"dia x 6.25" long

- SP Capacitor Pack: 3" dia x 6.25".


- Weights:   We'll get around to weighing them at some point.  Definitely not what you'd call heavy.

- Fon Lo Thingee:

- Standard power supply:

- Biggie Pipe power supply:

- SP Capacitor Pack:

Click here for user manual

* Fon Lo Thingee MC


It is the same circuit as the Fon Lo Thingee but optomized for MC cartridges. It has 58db and 71db user adjustable gain settings. It cannot be used with MM or MI cartridges.

We've added the MC for customers who are using a MC cartridge which has an output lower than 0.5mV. With a regular phonostage with 60dB gain, there is a big difference between the phono source and any line level sources. With the MC's additional 11dB gain it will be a closer match with other line level sources.

Remember when you forgot to turn down the volume control before switching to CD and jumped for the volume knob when the CD came on? With 71db from the Fon Lo Thingee MC, that's no longer a concern.

Because of the Fon Lo Thingee MC's high gain the Biggie Pipe power supply is strongly recommended.

Standard Features:
Optional Features:
Technical Specs:

The Fon Lo Thingee also comes in a balanced version. Contact us for more details.


The Really Big Pipe power supply is now available. Please contact us for details.


Click here for more photos.

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
The Fon Lo Thingee