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What is the USB Thingee? The USB Thingee is a digital to digital converter with a high quality built in DAC that allows the user to hook up between a computer with a USB port and an external Digital to Analog Converter. It allows you to access music files from the computer, listen to internet radio, even watch movies from the computer with high end sound coming from you main system. If you don’t have an external DAC, with the left and right RCA outputs and the 1/8" headphone jack, the USB Thingee allows the user to hook up to any line level inputs such as integrated amp, preamp and home theater receiver to play computer music through those systems. If you’re new to computer music, this is a good way to start that cannot go wrong and you won’t be spending a lot of money.

USB Connector end
Analog Output end

The dimensions of the USB Thingee are 2.5" dia x 3.5" approx. It is potted with silicone inside a PVC pipe. The silicone helps to avoid external vibration and with the PVC pipe, makes the USB Thingee very strong.

All USB Thingees come with a USB connector (of course) J, left and right analog outputs, a 1/8" headphone jack and a SPDIF (RCA) digital output. Optional AES/EBU and Toslink can be ordered. 


From left to right. With additional Toslink output, with additional AES/EBU output, basic only with SPDIF output and with additional Toslink and AES/EBU outputs. See below for the other side. (end?)


From left to right. With additional Toslink output, with additional AES/EBU output, basic only with SPDIF output and with additional Toslink and AES/EBU outputs. Blue and red RCA jacsk for analog output. The little black jack is a 1/8" headphone jack.    

The analog left and right outputs and the headphone output are controlled by the computer. Click on the speaker icon and slide the volume bar.

For those of you who want to listen to music files from the computer on your home theatre system an optional "Toslink" output is available for the USB Thingee and it is recommended. Since most home theater receivers these days come with internal DAC and Toslink inputs and no other kind, it would be best to use to Toslink to hook up between the USB Thingee and the receiver.

We are not going to tell anyone what IC we use for the conversion and DAC because we want you to judge the USB Thingee by its sonic performance and not by the numbers and specs. Over the past year the USB Thingee has been praised by reviewers and many users who enjoyed it in their system. It has been awarded Product of the Year 2008 by GoodSound.com

Click here for GoodSound Product of the Year 2008.

Click here for GoodSound review.

We have implemented a lot of special techiques in the USB Thingee that come from our extensive experience in power supply filtering and design. You will be surprised at how good this little DAC sounds. As many reviewers have indicated, the USB Thingee can sound as good as a $2000.00 CD player and held up very well against a CD player costing 50 times more.

Click here to read the review in UHF ...pdf download.

All USB Thingees come standard with USB input, left and right analog output, 1/8" headphone jack and SPDIF output.


Volume can now be controlled from the USB Thingee itself. The volume is displayed on screen by clicking the speaker icon on the tool bar. Volume can be controlled either on screen or by using the push buttons on the USB Thingee itself. The red button is mute, yellow button is volume up and green button is volume down.

USB Thingee VC
Other versions of the USB Thingee

A simple built in stand for the USB Thingee so it can sit on any surface without rolling around. This stand is available on any version of the USB Thingee.

USB Thingee ST

Many USB Thingee users are driving their power amp, powered speakers, integrated amp and receiver directly. In most cases, a regular USB Thingee s analog outputs are capable of doing the job. In some cases such as a power amp which has a lower than usual gain, an integrated amp that has a passive preamp stage or you may want to simply play louder, a higher output level is required from the USB Thingee. Therefore we developed the HO version.

The HO version has a maximun 3.5 V output that has plenty of headroom to drive anything to full power. At the same time, it will not over drive anything as long as you keep control of the volume.


The overall view of the HO version. It has a separate power supply and detachable DC power cord. It can be upgraded to Biggie Pipe power supply


The side with SPDIF output, USB connection, AES/EBU output and the 1/4" headphone jack high level output.

The ¼" headphone jack has a higher output than the 1/8" headphone jack. It is capable of driving 3 pairs of 25 ohm headphones at the same time. It has plenty of headroom to spare if you are using one pair of well designed headphones. The gain stage inside the HO version is the same circuit design as our critically acclaimed SBH headphone amp. Rest assured it will give you the best headphone experience you've had in a product of this kind. At $269.00, this is a incredible combo of features and performance. We believe the USB Thingee HO with its high quality built in headphone amp equals or surpasses many CD players and converters currently available in the marketplace.

USB Thingee HO (high analog output version)
The Analog output side

The USB Thingee HO is approx 3.5" dia x 4.25" long.  The power supply is 2.5" dia x 3.5" long.

USB Thingee HO is available for any version of  the USB Thingee

Click Here for the USB Thingee HO Manual

Quality Control

In this day and age, most companies just build the product and ship it out the door. Especially at the price range of the USB Thingees, we don’t know of any manufacturer that actually tests the product the way we do. If they test the product at all, most just plug them into the wall and see if the light turns on, turn it off and way it goes. We test every one of the USB Thingees for 5 hours or more with actual music playing through every input and outputs before we pack it into a box for shipping. We do work hard for our money but we also want to make sure not a single USB Thingee comes back because of a defect. Most importantly, we want to make sure you have something that will keep working and working without a glitch.

Common uses for the USB Thingee. This isn't a complete list. We're sure you'll think of more.

1) Hook up between your laptop or desktop computer and Digital to Analog Convertor to play computer music files off internet radio.

2) Optional Toslink version is useful when hooking up the USB Thingee to a home theatre processor or receiver. Most of the processors and receivers have digital inputs but they are mostly Toslink. It can also play surround sound files from computer via any HT system. With a laptop beside a HT system, it can access other music files and/or internet radio via WiFi to the main computer in the house.

3) AES/EBU feature is useful for pro live sound applications where it can be hooked up

between the laptop and a digital live mixer. It s also handy in recording studios between

laptop and digital recorders and mixing console.

4) The USB Thingee can be hooked up between a computer USB port and digital inputs.


For PC users

The computer will automatically regonize the USB Thingee and reroute the sound through the USB Thingee.

For Mac users

Go into sound card preferences and select the USB DAC instead of the default sound output.

**It's round for a reason.  Since it's so light when you connect your cables it will naturally roll into a stable position.  We offer the stand only because some people have asked for it.

USB HO Attachment Thingee

If you already have a regular USB Thingee but want the higher output there's no need to get

the USB Thingee HO. Now you can get this USB HO Attachment and convert your USB Thingee

to the HO version. Just plug the attachment into the output of the regular USB Thingee and

hook up the power supply. It comes with the standard Thingee power supply. The upgraded Biggie

Pipe power supply is also compatable with the USB HO Attachment.


Click here for more photos

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
The USB Thingee