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The BC68MKII is an improved version of our original BC68. Instead of the original built in line-conditioner equivalent to two BC86 MKII noisehounds, we have increased the filtering to three BC86MKIII which is three time as much as the original BC68.

The MKII also has a power indicator LED. It is designed to be very dim just enough for the user to see there is power. It’s subtle enough that it will not distract you from your music. Optional surge protection is available. The filter is submerged in a silicone bath just like the original. However, the MKII uses more durable ABS pipe which can take more punishment than the original aluminium box.

Here’s the story of how the Mark II came to be, from a post on our forum....

The genesis of this cable came from an email exchange with our fearless leader concerning a custom Peed Al Sea Thingee that he made for me a few months back. This particular custom job was to make a Peed Al Sea Thingee with a BC62/Nuetrik pig tail to connect to my BC6000. A friend, who is a BAT fanatic saw it when he was over to the house and was quite intrigued by a "crap pipe with gobs of silicone" and we started to talk about his current cables on his big BAT VK-600SE. I said Gil But can make you a custom Peed Al Sea type cable, but he was reluctant because he plugs that amp directly into the wall and wanted surge protection. Well to make a long story short, another email went back to Innerkip with the question - "Can ya make a Peed Al Sea Sea with a Yalo Balula as well?" - the rest is history.

The following exerpts, copied from the forum, are the initial impressions of a couple of original BC68 owners.

"When I swapped out the stock power cords on my ReQuests and installed the BC68's the changes were dramatic. A far cleaner performance thru the midrange, with more clarity and precision in the highs. A layer of haze, I was not originally aware of, was eliminated with the addition of the BC68. Even the bass seemed to have improved in terms of authority and definition. The most distinct change was the background noise, it simply vanished."

"I put them into my system as a bit of a joke, figuring that I had sufficient conditioning on my speakers already, so why not go for the "overkill" factor.


As of this moment I am ready to nominate them for the position of "Official Power Cord For Martin Logan Speakers". I bet they would be dandy on components as well, particularly digital front end stuff.

Apparently they contain the guts of a BC86 mkII and something extra special...possibly they are soaked in Innerkip well water before they leave the factory? Whatever - you should try and get a listen to these things."

...for additional discussion about the BC68 visit the forum.

Click here for more pictures of BC68MKII

BC68 MKII With Inline Filter
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