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Most people today, accept the fact that what we feed our electronics has some affect on how they perform. They are what they eat so to speak. Unfortunately, the only fine dining establishment available is the wall plug in your home and the cuisine often leaves much to be desired. We have attempted to address this problem for some time. First we introduced our highly respected Blue Circle Power Line Pillow powerline conditioners. Now we are attacking the power supply problem in another manner with a line of very high quality power cords.

There are currently four power cords in the Blue Circle line, one model using 14 gauge wire and two using 10 gauge. There is also one 10 gauge extension cord. All Blue Circle power cords share some basic characteristics:


That last point needs some explanation. External shielding has been the way to attack RF interference, according to conventional wisdom, for some time. Most other power cord designs have opted for this approach. We at Blue Circle think there is a better way. External shielding only protects for the actual length of the power cord itself; it does nothing to attenuate any RF that is already in the supply line. Further, most power cords using external shielding are very stiff, not flexible at all.

At Blue Circle, we have developed a special type of braiding that we call a double reverse twist. Without going into all the science, this braiding technique attenuates any RF that is in the line regardless of where it was introduced. It also allows for a power cord that is very flexible and easy to use.


THE BC61 AND BC62 are our 14 gauge and 10 gauge basic power cords. Both are 6 ft (1.83 m) long. Both are made of ultra-pure copper. The BC61 has an industrial grade male plug. The BC62 has a hospital grade male plug. Both employ the Blue Circle double reverse twist braiding technique.

Both pcs (BC61 & BC62) bettered my Shunyata Diamondbacks. That was confirmed (repeatedly) with a few of my audio friends over the past couple of months. I even had to loan them out. The BC68 has also made a noticeable improvement, at my home and at a couple of others. There are a few more interested parties in Blue Circle! I can not wait to hear and see their gear at the upcoming CES. I will let you know when the shipment arrives.

Frank - Phoenix, AZ

THE BC65 is an extension cord based on the BC62. The only difference is that the IEC plug has been replaced with a cable-mount hospital grade receptacle.

The BC68 ... We're not sure if it's a power cord or a line conditioner so it has its own page. Click here to decide for yourself.



All of our power cords, and our extension cord, come in a standard length of six feet (1.83 m). If this length does not meet your needs then we would be happy to custom build a power cord or extension cord to your specifications. The maximum length for any of these cords is thirty feet (9.15 m). Simply contact your Blue Circle dealer, or contact us directly with your requirements.

In closing, we have a couple of suggestions. We recommend that the BC62 be used for high current-draw applications like power amps. We have also seen some surprising improvements by using the BC61 on digital equipment such as DACs, transports and DVDs.  As strange as it may sound, we would like to invite you to listen to our line of Blue Circle Power Cords. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Power Cords

Continental European Schuko plugs are available for all Blue Circle power cords. Contact us for details.

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215