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Another oddly named product that actually works. What is the Yalo Bulala? It is a simple surge protector housed in a yellow coloured plug and embedded in clear silicone to show the inside surge protection device should it need to be replaced.


Why do we call it Yalo Bulala? Well, Penny's father, Walt at TLP Audio, actually gave us this idea. It was in 2006 when he wanted to install one of those whole house surge protection devices. It would have cost him over $600.00. And once it has been surged, he would need to call an electrician over to replace the surge protection device - another few hundred dollars. What this whole house surge protection was nothing more than a few MOVs install inside the main inlet of the electrical panel. So we said why don't we use the same device and improve upon it and install it in a user plugable unit so he can get multiple units and plug in wherever components need to be protected? As a result, the whole house is better protected than with one unit at the main inlet.

We still haven't told you why we call it Yalo Bulala. The first time Gilbert showed it to him he was eating a banana and he said it looked just like a banana and it's yellow. As you should know by now Gilbert speaks "chink ga lish" so therefore Yalo Bulala, short form as "YB".

At first it was just for Penny's father and we ended up using it everywhere in the shop and in our houses. We really didn't seriously think about marketing it. We think it looks too weird. You got that? Gilbert thought it looked too weird and ugly he doesn't even think it would sell. Then a couple of customers who bought Peed Al Sea (PLC) Thingees wanted to have surge protection. We said we cannot install surge protection inside the PLC Thingee because once it has been surged, it cannot be replaced. That's when the Yalo Bulala came into the picture. You want surge protection with PLC Thingee? Get a Yalo Bulala to go with it. Plug the Yalo Bulala in where you plug in the PLC Thingee. As long as it is on the same circuit, it is protected.

Back to the techie stuff.....

Yalo Bulala uses MOV and TVS avalanche diodes for surge protection. TVS avalanche diode is used to take out all those little spikes that happen almost everyday. At the same time, it protects the MOV and saves it for the big time surge. If there is a high voltage surge, the MOV will short itself and trip the circuit breaker therefore disconnecting the components from the electrical source. The components are saved. The Yalo Bulala is toast.

Once there is a surge and the MOV trips the circuit breaker, the Yalo Bulala has to be unplugged from the outlet in order to reset the circuit breaker. To install a new surge protector, simply plug another Yalo Bulala into the outlet.

Considering the cost of the Yalo Bulala, you can buy a couple more for spares so your house will not be without surge protection. For best protection, use one Yalo Bulala per circuit. For additional protection for such equipment as audio/video component, computer and kitchen appliances, use two or more per circuit. There is never enough protection from lighting surge. The more the better but never enough.

Why would you trust your valuable components to be protected from surge by this weird looking Yalo Bulala? Maybe because if you're reading this you already know that weird looking and highly functional go together at Blue Circle. We've been using these things for 7 years. We have customers came back and want more because their house has been hit by lighting. Their neighbour’s microwaves, TVs, computers, etc. has all burned up but their own gear was saved by a few of these Yalo Bulalas.

The Yalu Bulala

We've used the same technology on most of our powerline conditioners for over 18 years. Most of the commercially available whole house surge protection unit use only the MOV - in a boring looking metal box. The Yalo Bulala is functional, wacky looking and affordable. What more could you ask for in a Blue Circle product?

June 13, 2016

I am a customer down in Houston, Texas and purchased two PLC FX2s and
several Yalo Bulalas from you a while back. Yesterday we had a raging
thunderstorm with 4 inches of rain in less than two hours and and
nearly continuous and very close lightning strikes. My LR lights and Audio and
TV system outlets went out and also the GFC outlets in the kitchen and it just
so happened that all those circuits were protected by your device. It
was hard for me to tell if the YB's were blown by inspection but I could
not reset my circuit breakers which I thought was odd. I then decided to
look at your website and sure enough it says right there that if the YB's
are blown the breakers will not reset. I removed them and the breakers
magically knew and all the power is back on and the equipment is all ok, thanks
to the YB's!
Thank you for protecting my equipment!

"A customer in Texas, USA"
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215