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As you may know we have been working on power supplies that use Supercaps for several years. Our experimental products, Brownie and Pinkie, are examples of products using Supercaps. Although Supercaps have benefits, such as high effeciency, very fast transient response, and high capacitance storage, these benefits come at a cost. When Gilbert was developing the BC705 phonostage, he started wondering if a combo of standard high-speed capacitors and batteries would work as well as Supercaps alone? That lead to the development of a full line of battery power supplies. The Batche Thingee is just the beginning.


If we call it a Thingee, it will work on all Thingee products. As of today, that includes the Fon Lo Thingee, Hat Peed Thingee, and Gain Stage Thingee plus anything else that we call a Thingee. It is a plug and play design. Connect the Batche Thingee between the power supply and the Thingee unit and it’s done. The Batche Thingee has a constant current trickle charger which ensures the batteries will not be overcharged*. It uses (12) readily available AA Ni-MH batteries. It has one switch. "I" means it is using ac power and the batteries are also charging. "O" means the ac power has

been disconnected and the unit is running on batteries. In addition to the battery, the Batche Thingee also has 94,000uF of filtering capacitance for fast transient demands from the music."

With the Batche Thingee, any of the components can be portable. Especially for Head-Fiers who are on the road. They can use the Batche Thingee with their Hat Peed Thingee to listen to music while they are oot and aboot. With a full charge **, the Hat Peed Thingee can run for 15+ hours, Fon Lo Thingee over 48 hours.

*use only Ni-MH battery with 2300mAH or higher rated

** Tested with 2450mAH batteries

Fon Lo Thingee users:

Auto Mute Thingee is recommended when using Batche Thingee with Fon Lo Thingee. With the Auto Mute Thingee in the loop, when the batteries drain too low, it will automatically turn off the Fon Lo Thingee to avoid any noise that may damage components. It can also used as a manual mute. It is a handy device when cueing the tonearm.

When using Auto Mute Thingee with Fon Lo Thingee on battery mode, the run time is approx. 20 hours with full battery charge.

Batteries carry a 6 month warranty from the date of manufacture.

Dimensions: 4.5" dia x 5.5" long

-Weight: 4 lbs

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
Batche Thingee (Battery Thingee)